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The home. The car. The kids.

is a simple solution, based on the highest available technology, which allows you to connect your life and everything in it to a single app. It gives you full control and insights about your home appliances and will enable you to monitor what happens within your home, while you are at work, shopping for groceries or having a well-deserved vacation. Additionally, the OBD2 system continually inspects the health of your vehicle, teaching it about your driving habits and enabling you to reach the best efficiency while on the drive.

Hive Smart Cam

Stay connected to your home, always. See what's happening while you're away and act immediately with a simple tap through your app.

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Hive Color Bulb

How about bringing the sunset into your living room or throwing a house party under the disco lights? Control the intensity, hue or just chose a theme at your preference.

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Powerful diagnostics and a behavioral tool that saves fuel constantly tracks the health of your car and recommends best driving experience based on your habits. Let your vehicle learn your ways.

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What is PaxHive
Safety, energy efficiency, comfort
Your car is your companion

What is PaxHive

The idea behind PaxHive is to create an elegant platform, with the aim to make everyday life more connected, efficient, safer and simple. PaxHive is based on numerous smart devices, available to use individually or connected into one ecosystem via only one mobile app.

Highest technology made affordable and simple at it's best.

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